ABB AC800M PLC AC 800M controllers

The AC 800M for Compact Control Builder is a family of PACs built as rail – mounted modules, consisting of CPUs, communication modules, power supply modules and various accessories. There are 7 CPUs to choose from, ranging from medium processor power and low cost to high processor power and support for full redundancy.

Supporting standard IEC 61131-3 programming languages, Compact Control Builder is the tool for engineering the control code and the hardware layout of AC 800M. It creates logic, sequential and analog control-intensive automation solutions for all existing controllers in the automation system to be handled in one database. The flash memory card allows loading applications without the need to utilize the engineering tool to support OEM and remote solutions.

The AC 800M controller consists of a selection of units mounted on horizontal
DIN-rails, which can be housed within an enclosure. The majority of units consist of
a base mounting plate and a removable module attached with screws.
The hardware units that form the AC 800 M controller are:
• Central Processor unit (CPU)
• Communication interface modules for different protocols
• S800 I/O modules
• Power supply modules


ABB AC 800M PM865K01 3BSE031151R1 Processor Unit Kit PM865K01 Processor Unit HI

ABB AC800M PLC AC 800M controllers

AC 800M High Integrity
AC 800M can easily be configured for usage in safety critical applications. The
main components of such a system are PM865, SM810/SM811, SS823 and theABB AC800M
S800 I/O High Integrity, running a High Integrity version of Control Software. The
PM865 processor unit has increased internal diagnostics, compared to PM864. The
added functionality on PM865 includes:

• Double over voltage protection on internal voltages
• A additional watchdog timer updated with data from SM810/SM811
• Increased oscillator supervision
• Support for S800 I/O High Integrity
• Support for SM810/SM811
• Increased system diagnostic and online self tests.


  • Full modularity and flexibility for all environments for future expansion of control applications
  • Compact Control Builder software offers a wide range of powerful control solutions and reusable libraries for efficient configuration
  • Robust design and redundancy options in all critical areas of the controller and its components eliminates single-point failures and secures maximum availability
  • Supports a broad range of I/O products that can be integrated into a spectrum of industrial processing applications
ABB AC 800M PM865K01 3BSE031151R1 Processor Unit Kit PM865K01 Processor Unit HI