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PP836 3BSE042237R1 PP836 operator panel “6,5”” Function key panel”

PP836 3BSE042237R1 PP836 operator panel “6,5”” Function key panel”

Model Number:

Product Type:



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General Information
Product ID:3BSE042237R1
ABB Type Designation:PP836
Catalog Description:PP836 Operator Panel

Additional Information
Medium Description:PP836 Operator Panel
Technical Information:PP836 Operator Panel
Panel 800 – PP836 Operator Panel
“6,5”” Function key panel”
TFT 640×480 pixels, graphics <(>&<)> text, color
Exchange p/n: EXC3BSE042237R1

Please order if you need UL1604 certified panel.
Product Type:Control_System_Accessory
Country of Origin:Taiwan, Province Of China (TW)
Germany (DE)
Sweden (SE)
Customs Tariff Number:85389091
Product Net Length:72 mm
Product Net Height:324 mm
Product Net Width:180 mm
Product Net Weight:1.3 kg
WEEE Category:2. Screens, Monitors, and Equipment Containing Screens Having a Surface Greater Than 100 cm
Number of Batteries:1
Battery Chemical Composition:Lithium
Battery Type:Button Cell
Battery Weight:6.3 g
Screen Size:7 in