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20F1ANC302JN0NNNNN 400V AC/540V DC PowerFlex 753

20F1ANC302JN0NNNNN 400V AC/540V DC PowerFlex 753

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Technical Specifications for 20F1ANC302JN0NNNNN

Brand Allen-Bradley
Part Number/Catalog No. 20F1ANC302JN0NNNNN
Series PowerFlex 753
Frames 6…8
Enclosure Type AC Input w/Precharge, no DC Terminals
Frames 2 2…7
Enclosure Type 2 IP20/IP00, NEMA/UL Type Open
Voltage 400V AC/540V DC
Amps 265
kW 250
Hp 300
Filtering Yes
Default CM Cap Connection Jumper Installed
Internal Resistor No
Internal Transistor No

About 20F1ANC302JN0NNNNN

The 20F1ANC302JN0NNNNN drive is a microprocessor-enabled variable frequency drive that has been designed and manufactured by Allen-Bradley. The drive has a robust design that offers high performance for a variety of industrial applications. It can provide general-purpose control for applications rated at up to 250 Kilowatts. This PowerFlex 753 series AC drive runs with a 400 Volts AC or 540 Volts DC source. It is a 3-phase drive and it draws power from a 3-phase electrical source. The current rating of the drive is 265 Amps. With active filtering available, the drive has a jumper installed for the CM cap connection. The 20F1ANC302JN0NNNNN drive meets all the hardware requirements of the EMC guidelines and it is also certified with a CE rating. No internal resistor or the internal transistor is present in this drive variant. The drive comes with an IGBT braking system for speed control. The drive is manufactured with a built-in precharge. This drive variant has no human-machine interface module mounted in it. The front panel of the drive has a company label along with some LED indicators. The top part of the drive is used for airflow.

The 20F1ANC302JN0NNNNN drive supports a wide range of network protocols which help it to integrate with different manufacturing architecture systems. The drive is equipped with the DeviceLogix software which aids in the control of output and manages the status information within the drive. The 20F1ANC302JN0NNNNN drive is known for its closed-loop vector control. It uses PID control for regulating and controlling the torque and speed of 3-phase induction motors. The drive has an operating temperature range between 0 and 50 degrees Celsius. The drive should not be exposed to extreme heat, dust, dirt, or corrosive gases or vapors. The drive has a conformal coating and is manufactured in a compact size.