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Allen-Bradley 2711P-T7C6A2 Panelview Plus 700

Allen-Bradley 2711P-T7C6A2 Panelview Plus 700

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Description: The Allen-Bradley 2711P-T7C6A2 terminal is a touchscreen terminal from the Panelview Plus 700 series. The operators can use its touchscreen to control a large-scale machine or industrial system. Additionally, the operators can activate the 2711P-T7C6A2 terminal’s touchscreen with their hands or with a stylus as long as the point of the stylus is not too sharp. A sharp point may puncture or scratch the touchscreen and damage it. The 2711P-T7C6A2 terminal supports color graphics and 85 to 264 Volts AC operating voltage.

 Technical Specifications for 2711P-T7C6A2

Manufacturer Rockwell Automation
Brand Allen-Bradley
Part Number/Catalog No. 2711P-T7C6A2
Product Line Panelview Plus 700
Display Size 6.5 in.
Display Color Color
Input Type Touchscreen
Communication DH+ and DH-485
Input Power 85-264 VAC
Memory 128 MB
Backlight 2711P-RL7C
Communication Cable 1770-CD and 1761-CBL-ASO3
Shipping Weight 8 lbs.
Shipping Dimensions 14 x 11 x 8 in
Series Series A, B, C, D, E, F, G
Product Lifecycle Status* Discontinued/Obsolete