Allen-Bradley 1756L55M13 | 1756-L55M13 | LOGIX5555 PROCESSOR WITH 1.5MBYTE MEMORY

1756L55M13 | 1756-L55M13

Allen-Bradley 1756-L55M13 ControlLogix Logix5555 Controller with 1.5Mbyte User Memory and 208 Kbytes I/O Memory

1756-EN2TR EtherNet/IP Driver/Controller


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2711-K3A5L1K 2711K3A5L1K Allen-Bradley 2711 new plc PV300, RS-232 (DH-485) CONFORMAL COATED

2711-K3A5L1K 2711K3A5L1K

Allen-Bradley 2711 new plc
PV300, RS-232 (DH-485) CONFORMAL COATED 2711-K3A5L1K

Technical Specifications for 2711-K3A5L1K

Manufacturer Rockwell Automation
Brand Allen-Bradley
Part Number/Catalog No. 2711-K3A5L1K
Product Line Panelview 300
Display Size 3 in.
Display Color Monochrome
Input Type Keypad
Communication RS-232 (DH-485) Communication Port, Conformal Coated
Input Power 24 VDC
Software Panelbuilder 32
Memory 240 KB
Backlight non replaceable
Communication Cable 1761-CBL-PM05
Shipping Weight 3 lbs
Shipping Dimensions 11X8X6 in.
Series A, B
Product Lifecycle Status* Discontinued/Obsolete

Allen Bradley 1756-ENBT ControlLogix EtherNet/IP 10/100 Bridge Module

Allen Bradley 1756-ENBT ControlLogix EtherNet/IP 10/100 Bridge Module – Twisted Pair, Supports a maximum of 64 TCP/IP connections and 128 Logix connections (I/O and information), 64 + 64 CIP Unconnected Messages (backplane + Ethernet); Max Number of Multicast Tags: 32; Unicast Available in RSLogix 5000 Software Version 16.03.00 or later; Socket Services; SNMP Support (password required), Duplicate IP Detection (starting in Revision 3.3); Packet Rate Capacity (packets/second): 500pps I/O, 900pps HMI/MSG

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Allen Bradley 1756-EN2T ControlLogix EtherNet/IP Module

1756EN2T | 1756-EN2T

Control of I/O.
The available controllers include: ControlLogix, GuardLogix, and ControlLogix -XT used in extreme environment.

Allen Bradley ControlLogix EtherNet/IP Module, 1756-EN2T

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Allen-Bradley 1756-IT6I 1756IT6I ControlLogix Isolated Thermocouple/mV Input Module

Technical Specifications for 1756-IT6I

Brand Allen-Bradley
Part Number/Catalog No. 1756-IT6I
Series ControlLogix
Module Type Isolated Thermocouple Input Module
Inputs 6 Isolated Thermocouple, 1 CJC
Input Resolution 12 to 78 millivolts, 12 to 38 millivolts
Backplane Current (5Volts) 250 milliamps
Backplane Current (24Volts) 125 milliamps
Power Dissipation (Max) 4.3 Watts
Supported Sensors B, C, E, J, K, N, R, S, T
Removeable Terminal Blocks 1756-TBNH, 1756-TBSH
Backplane Current at 24 Volts 2 milliamperes
RSLogix 5000 Software Verson 8.02.00 or later


Mfr. Part Number:


Manufacturer: Allen-Bradley / Rockwell Automation
Description: ControlLogix EtherNet/IP Bridge Module 10/100 Mbps FE
Full Description: Allen-Bradley 1756-EN2T ControlLogix EtherNet/IP bridge Module 10/100 Mbps, supports 128 TCP/IP connections. 128 TCP/IP Connections; 256 Logix Connections. CIP Unconnected Messages (backplane + Ethernet: 128 + 128; I/O Packet Rate: 10,000 p/s; HMI/MSG Packet Rate: 3,200 p/s; SNMP Support.. Module location: Any slot in the ControlLogix chassis.
UPC / GTIN: 10612598329103
Status: Current Product





Allen Bradley Monitor 6186M-19PT

Allen Bradley Monitor 6186M-19PT


Allen Bradley 6186M-19PT Versaview 1900M 15-inch Performance Monitor, Flat Panel, Aluminum Bezel, Resistive Touch Screen, HD-15 VGA for Analog Video Signal; DVI for Digital Video Signal, (2) Rear USB 2.0 Ports, 500 mA per Port, (1) Front USB 2.0 Port, 100-240V AC Power

Allen-Bradley 6186M-19PT Versaview 1900M 19″ Performance Monitor, Touch

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Allen-Bradley ControlLogix5573 Controller 1756-L73 AB 1756 PLC

Allen-Bradley ControlLogix5573 Controller 1756-L73 AB 1756 PLC

Bulletin/Catalog Number: 1756-L73
Description: ControlLogix5573 Controller With 8 Mbytes Memor
  • Mounts in a ControlLogix® chassis
  • Requires either a removable terminal block (RTB) or a Bulletin 1492 wiring interface module (IFM) to connect all field-side wiring
  • Includes inherent time-stamping capabilities for sequence of events (SOE) applications
  • Offers comprehensive I/O diagnostics for detection of both system and field-side failures
  • Provides removal and insertion under power (RIUP) for ease of maintenance
  • Offers electronic keying to help prevent replacement errors
  • Includes I/O wizards in the Studio 5000™ Logix Designer application to enable quick and easy module configuration
  • Available with conformal coating to help protect in harsh environments

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Allen-Bradley PLC

Rockwell Automation Allen-Bradley PLC

Allen-Bradley PLC

Allen-Bradley PLC 

Allen-Bradley is the brand-name of a line of Factory Automation Equipment manufactured by Rockwell Automation(NYSE ROK). The company, with revenues of approximately US$4.5 billion in 2006, manufactures programmable logic controllers (PLC), human-machine interfaces, sensors, safety components and systems, software, drives and drive systems, contactors, motor control centers, and systems made of these and similar products. Rockwell Automation also provides asset management services including repair and consulting. Rockwell Automation’s headquarters is based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

The Allen-Bradley Clock Tower is a Milwaukee landmark featuring the largest four-sided clock in the western hemisphere.

Allen-Bradley products from Rockwell Automation include integrated control and information platforms, intelligent motor control and industrial components.

Rockwell Automation Allen-Bradley PLC

allen-bradley slc500 plc
      SCL500 PLC’s             PLC-5 Systems           ControlLogix PLC’s

Widely regarded as the top selling PLC in the world, Allen-Bradley PLC products have been the central part of millions of successful control systems. From the Allen-Bradley PLC-5 to the Allen-Bradley SLC 500 to the new Allen-Bradley ControlLogix PLC, Qualitrol International provides quality repair services and remanufactured products for each PLC platform.

We have thousands of Allen-Bradley PLC parts. We can ship out the part you are looking for today, anywhere in the world. Click on the Allen-Bradley PLC icons below to learn more about your Allen-Bradley PLC.

Allen-Bradley PLC control solutions set the standard — from the original programmable logic controller (PLC) invented in the 1970s to the technology embodied in the scalable, multi-disciplined and information-enabled programmable automation controller (PAC). Our safety-certified controllers support your SIL 2 and SIL 3 application needs. We offer multiple controller types and sizes to fit your specific needs.


RockWell Allen-Bradley 1747 SLC™ 500 PLC is a chassis-based, modular family of controllers and I/O. With multiple processor choices, numerous power supply options and extensive I/O capacity,

ControlLogix PLC system

Allen-Bradley PLC ControlLogix 1756 system provides discrete, drives, motion, process, and safety control together with communication and state-of-the-art I/O in a small, cost-competitive package. The system is modular, so you can design, build, and modify it efficiently – with significant savings in training and engineering.

PLC-5 Systems

Allen-Bradley PLC-5® processors are single-slot modules that are placed into the left-most slot of a 1771 I/O chassis. They are available in a range of I/O, memory, and communication capability.