LE-40MTA-E MITSUBISHI Tension Controller

LE-40MTA-E LE-40MTA/MTB tension controller device used in conjunction with LX-TD/LX-TD-928 minimal deviation bit tension detector for the unwinding of long material intermediate shaft, the material tension winding automatic controlled device.

FR-F700 F740 Inverter 315KW FR-F740-S315K-CHT


Quick Information

  • Brand Name:Mitsubishi
  • Place of Origin:Japan
  • Model Number :FR-F740-S315K-CHT
  • Product Series: FR-F740


Place of Origin Japan
Brand Name Mitsubishi
Model Number FR-F740-S315K-CHT
Output Power 315KW
Weight 215kg
Input Voltage 3 phase 380~480V
Output Frequency 0.5-400Hz

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