ATV61HD90M3X Schneider ATV61 DRIVES 90KW 3AC 200…240V

ATV61HD90M3X Schneider ATV61 DRIVES 90KW 3AC 200…240V

Model Number:

Product Type:AC Drives

Type:Industry Automation

Category:Schneider /ATV61 DRIVES

Plance of Origin:Made in China

Warranty:All parts new or reconditioned are covered by AoteWell 12 month warranty

Description:ATV61HD90M3X Schneider ATV61 DRIVES 90KW  

Mainrange of product

Altivar 61

product or component type

Variable speed drive

product specific application

Pumping and ventilation machine

component name


motor power kW

90 kW 3 phasesat 200…240 V

motor power hp

125 hp 3 phasesat 200…240 V

[Us] rated supply voltage

200…240 V (- 15…10 %)


3 phases

line current

288 Afor 240 V 3 phases 90 kW / 125 hp 336 Afor 200 V 3 phases 90 kW / 125 hp

EMC filter

Without EMC filter

assembly style

With heat sink

apparent power

119.7 kVAfor 240 V 3 phases 90 kW / 125 hp

prospective line Isc

35 kA 3 phases

maximum transient current

431 Afor 60 s 3 phases

nominal switching frequency

2.5 kHz

switching frequency

2.5…8 kHz adjustable 2.5…8 kHz with derating factor

asynchronous motor control profile

Voltage/frequency ratio, 2 points Voltage/frequency ratio – Energy Saving, quadratic U/f Flux vector control without sensor, standard Voltage/frequency ratio, 5 points

synchronous motor control profile

Vector control without sensor, standard

communication port protocol

CANopen Modbus