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S7-400 PRODUCTS Parameter SIMATIC S7-400, CPU 414-3 CENTRAL PROCESSING UNIT WITH: 2.8 MB WORKING MEMORY, (1.4 MB CODE, 1.4 MB DATA), 1. INTERFACE MPI/DP 12 MBIT/S, 2. INTERFACE PROFIBUS DP, 3. IF IFM MODULES PLUGGABLE More S7-400 Order NO. and version: 6ES7414-3XM05-0AB0 B 6ES7414-3XM05-0AB0 D 6ES7414-3XM05-0AB0 F 6ES7414-3XM05-0AB0 H 6ES7414-3XM05-0AB0 J 6ES7414-3XM05-0AB0 L 6ES7414-3XM05-0AB0 N 6ES7414-3XM05-0AB0 P 6ES7414-3XM05-0AB0 R 6ES7414-3XM05-0AB0 T 6ES7414-3XM05-0AB0 V 6ES7414-3XM05-0AB0 X 6ES7414-3XM05-0AB0 Z 6ES7414-3XM05-0AB0 AB 6ES7414-3XM05-0AB0 AD 6ES7414-3XM05-0AB0 AF 6ES7414-3XM05-0AB0 AH 6ES7414-3XM05-0AB0 AJ 6ES7414-3XM05-0AB0 AL 6ES7414-3XM05-0AB0 AN 6ES7414-3XM05-0AB0 AP 6ES7414-3XM05-0AB0 AR 6ES7414-3XM05-0AB0 AT 6ES7414-3XM05-0AB0 AV 6ES7414-3XM05-0AB0 AX 6ES7414-3XM05-0AB0 AZ 6ES7414-3XM05-0AB0 BB 6ES7414-3XM05-0AB0 BD 6ES7414-3XM05-0AB0 BF 6ES7414-3XM05-0AB0 BH 6ES7414-3XM05-0AB0 BJ 6ES7414-3XM05-0AB0 BL