3401 TRICONEX DO 3401 Digital Output Module

3401 TRICONEX DO 3401 Digital Output Module

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Warranty:12 months.


3401 TRICONEX DO 3401 Digital Output Module

Points 16, commoned
Nominal output voltage 24 VDC
Specified operational voltage range 15 to 30 VDC
Absolute maximum output voltage 33 VDC
Absolute maximum reverse input
voltage       – 0.6 VDC
Output current
Switching <4.8 A, self-limiting
3.0 A, typical
Degraded mode > 0.7 A, self-limiting
1.5 A, typical
Field alarms   Loss of field power, output point shorted On or Off
Loop-back thresholds 0–5 VDC = Off region
6–14 VDC = transition region
15–30 VDC = On region
Leakage to load (Off state) <1 mA
Diagnostic glitch duration <2 ms, maximum 500 ?s, typical
Diagnostic fault coverage
Maximum toggle rate       >20 ms
Minimum toggle rate       Not applicable
On state voltage drop <1.0 VDC @ 1.5 A
Loop-back scan time <1.0 ms for all 16 points
Functional earth to protective earth isolation        500 VDC, minimum
Functional earth to functional earth (logic) isolation    800 VDC, minimum